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About Me

I help people who love the law of attraction figure out how to use it with their fitness and weight loss goals.

Let's face it friends, if you are here it is because you know that your thoughts shape your reality. You know that you get what you think about.

But how the heck do you actually translate that into a practice with something concrete like your body?

10 years ago, I didn't know either.

I had been in fitness for 10 years already, and I was one of those coaches that lovingly beat people up. More was better. It was all about feeling the burn and kicking butt. Diets had to be on point- as much as possible-and "clean eating" was what I preached.

Until I met a dear friend and mentor, who explained to me that our bodies are always giving us cues about what they need and how to use that feedback to determine what is not only a faster path to results but a more sustainable, safer and more enjoyable way.

This friend used to eat pizza, drink beer, smoke cigarettes and break world records. He still does. Insane right? Flying in the face of all the things I thought must be true. So I thought he was a freak of nature, but I wondered if it could work for me?

The first thing that I had to shift- to get going on this new path- was my belief. I had to be at least willing to take the chance. To risk trying a different way to see if it would work. And it did.

And I've never gone back. Will you join me?


I began with coach Megan back on June 7th after trying on my own for so long to lose the so called "covid weight" and some other extra weight. Nothing I did on my own worked! So I knew I had to do something to make a big change. Once I joined, I started losing weight but I started feeling more energetic, stronger and felt prettier. My clothes once again started to fit the way they used to. I was at 152 lbs and as of today 9/3 I'm currently at 138.4 lbs! It was a lifestyle change i decided to make that I'm happy I made. There's still a long way to go but I know I will reach my goal. Coach Megan has always has always been there checking in with me, and giving me yummy meal plans that honestly don't even feel like an effort to eat! Prior to doing this change, I would NEVER eat veggies, however, this meals are so good I don't even mind them! I'm truly happy with my changes and can't wait to see more results! 😊"

Maria L

“Megan and her team helped me to feel better in my clothes and lose weight. I am a huge foodie and the food on this plan has been so delicious and satisfying. I have never felt hungry. Plus my whole family is enjoying the meals including my 7 year old and 9 year old boys." Cari Y

"There are truly not enough words to express my thanks to you for all you have done for me. You had faith in me when truly no one else did. You took me under your "wing" and made me a better, stronger and more confident person. Even I didn't know I could do that much. My weight has pretty much stabilized which is something I felt would never happen but again thanks to you and your meals I'm doing well. May God be with you and I wish you the best as you are truly one of a kind." Marcia G

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