I’M Megan K

I'm a fitness and life coach with 22 years of experience.

I help women get off the roller coaster of weight loss (losing and finding the same lbs) and onto a path of sustainable results.

About Me

I help people who want to improve their fitness, health and weight while having as much fun as possible.

Let's face it friends, shedding weight and keeping it off can be hard.

Especially if you are doing stuff that feels awful.

When I work with clients, we aim to make the journey as fun as possible.

My work is to help you figure out how to get the lbs off without it sucking.

There are 3 main ways to work with me:

-VIP 1-1 coaching

-The Upgrade: Group + 1-1 coaching

-Momentum, the Plateau Buster: coming soon

-The Nourish Membership: which includes weekly group coaching.

-In my FREE community.


I began with coach Megan back on June 7th after trying on my own for so long to lose the so called "covid weight" and some other extra weight. Nothing I did on my own worked! So I knew I had to do something to make a big change. Once I joined, I started losing weight but I started feeling more energetic, stronger and felt prettier. My clothes once again started to fit the way they used to. I was at 152 lbs and as of today 9/3 I'm currently at 138.4 lbs! It was a lifestyle change i decided to make that I'm happy I made. There's still a long way to go but I know I will reach my goal. Coach Megan has always has always been there checking in with me, and giving me yummy meal plans that honestly don't even feel like an effort to eat! Prior to doing this change, I would NEVER eat veggies, however, this meals are so good I don't even mind them! I'm truly happy with my changes and can't wait to see more results! 😊"

Maria L

“Megan and her team helped me to feel better in my clothes and lose weight. I am a huge foodie and the food on this plan has been so delicious and satisfying. I have never felt hungry. Plus my whole family is enjoying the meals including my 7 year old and 9 year old boys." Cari Y

"There are truly not enough words to express my thanks to you for all you have done for me. You had faith in me when truly no one else did. You took me under your "wing" and made me a better, stronger and more confident person. Even I didn't know I could do that much. My weight has pretty much stabilized which is something I felt would never happen but again thanks to you and your meals I'm doing well. May God be with you and I wish you the best as you are truly one of a kind." Marcia G

Down 15lbs -3.5 inches from her chest, 4 inches from her waist, 4 inches from her hips, 3 inches from her thigh.M came to me to get her eating "sorted out". She was exercising but felt "squishy" and was really determined to drop some weight. She told me, just tell me what to do and I'll do it. I helped her with a customized meal plan to drop these lbs. And then we got to work on her actual understanding of what to eat, how much, how to listen to her body and more so that she can keep the results well beyond our time together.


Down 22 lbs, 62 year old J said this about our work together: I met Megan years ago when I signed up to work out at her gym. I loved the vibe and the support I got from her gym and when I felt I needed to get my act together when it came to my health, she is the first person I thought of to help me out. I had no issues with working out, but my eating habits and my mental health were not in a good place. I started to work with Megan and knew right away that it would be a different experience I have had in the past when it came to my health journey. What I loved about working with Megan, is that she always met me where I was at. There were many weeks where talking about eating and food took a back seat to where I was at with my mental health and I how I handled what was going on in my life. She always listened with an open mind and gave me many strategies to help me navigate situations that I was struggling with. She also opened my mind to other ways to deal with my health and my mind.

I would not hesitate to work with Megan again (in fact I plan to). I lost weight, but more importantly, I learned that I am worth spending time and money on myself to make myself a better person. She is always there when you need her and cares deeply about her clients. Working with Megan was one of the best decisions I have made!

G- came to me looking to "get her weight under control" and to learn how to eat. She was getting home from work and diving into the chips and beer and barely having an appetite for anything nutritious at dinner. Working together we made some adjustments to what she was eating throughout the day so that she didn't end up so hangry. 4 months in, G was down 22lbs and her husband had also lost 15lbs just by eating better foods she was preparing.

Down shy of 30 lbs, K said this: When I reached out to Megan, I was not in a good place both emotionally and physically. I was at my heaviest weight, I was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure, my body ached every day and I was struggling with emotional eating related to stress and recent losses in my life. When I began to work with Megan, I was hesitant but hopeful and I knew that having a structure and support would be helpful. Megan was non-judgmental supportive and knowledgeable. During my time working with her, I was able to get more connected with my body and learn what it liked and didn't like by tapping into inflammatory responses in my body. Megan's approach was not just about losing weight but about gaining health and looking at ourselves as a "whole" person and not just a number on the scale. I didn't feel restricted or deprived, rather I felt empowered and more connected. During my time with Megan, I was able to reduce my pain, get out of the pre-diabetes range and lower my blood pressure. I also gained muscle and a new understanding of how my body works as well as the ability to be in tune with how my emotions and habits are connected. Weight loss and health have always been an ongoing journey for me, but before working with Megan, I didn't always have the tools I needed for that journey. I still have my ups and downs, but I feel that now I have the tools and I know what to "pack" when I get back to the journey. These tools are not temporary, but rather lifelong and I am comforted in knowing that I now know how to use them.

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